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Paula M. Johnson

Paula M. Johnson
To Mr. Shawn Elliott, Maryann Caputo
I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge one of your realtors, Ms. Paula Johnson.
I have worked with Paula in the past whereas she was one of 2 agents in the rental of my home. At that time the home was rented extremely quickly and it was a seamless transaction. This time it was much more challenging. Unexpected, I found myself with the task to rent in our coldest months. Although we listed the property in January and it was not rented until March it was because we had challenge after challenge to overcome. I had the person there leave early with no notice. He left most of his belongings along with a disaster of a home and no oil in the tank. Here is where Paula showed not only true professionalism, but genuine concern. she helped me find people to discard and clean the mess, as well as fix some things that needed to be fixed. She would wait for a service call from the oil company. Paula always, always, either answered her phone or got back to me in a very timely manner. She was there for me when i had a major issue with water getting in the oil line (due to severe weather) which shut down the head in house and froze the pipes. She was checking on home and reporting to me often.  
 Living a descent distance from the house and being the mother to a baby boy, i could not just drive at a moments notice (although i tried) to the house for every issue that arose and there were plenty! Paula also showed concern for getting me the "right person(s)" which is equally as important. 
I have worked in real estate my entire career. I have owned several homes and worked with countless realtors. Not ever have i felt compelled to write a letter like this. Contrary, i have worked with realtors that don't seem to know basic service, let alone going above and beyond to really stand out the way Paula did. I commend her work ethic and workout reservation would recommend her to anyone i know for their real estate needs.  
You are fortunate to have such a gem of a person.
Jill Smith